Gills' Pop-up Arcuate
Diamond Knife

The Gills' Pop-up Arcuate Diamond Knife was developed in cooperation with Dr. James P. Gills, for use in his limbal relaxing incisions.

Features include:

Blade designed to perform arcuate incisions beautifully, yet robust enough to withstand daily use in a busy surgery center. Dr. Gills reports a far lower frequency of repairs required with the Gills' Arcuate Blade than with standard arcuate blades.

The handle is all titanium. Dual footplates are provided for stability while cutting. Footplates are polished to a mirror finish and anodized to reduce glare.

Footplate and blade "pop-up" together. Knives can be calibrated to any single depth required. Just "pop-up" and you are ready for surgery

Dr Gills' Nomogram for LRI

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