Diamond Knives for Vascular, Neuro, and Cardiovascular Surgery

These knives are 81/2 inches long and are all titanium. The shaft is 3mm and the body is 6.5mm in diameter. The have been used for over 20 years in neurosurgery and for performing LIMA heart bypasses.
Recently they have been employed more widely in harvesting saphenous veins and VNUS Closure™ procedures.

The diamond blade pictured is a 45° single edge blade. This handle is compatible with any of the 1mm blades shown in the blade style section of this site.

As with any diamond blade, they are hard, sharp, but brittle. All of our knives are sold with an autoclavable tray. The knife should only leave the tray to perform procedures. The knife should never be placed on a tray with other instruments, as this can damage the edge.

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