Cleaning Your Diamond Knife


  Diamond is a hard brittle material. Your blade's supremely sharp edge (perfect at 400x magnification) is easily damaged by non-biological materials (i.e. other instruments, counter tops and floors.) Please ensure the knife is handled only by staff who are completely aware of its fragility and who have access to these notes. If possible, keep the knife separate from your other instruments and allow only restricted access to your staff.
Post-op care:

  Rinse diamond blade as soon as possible after use. Rinse with BSS, tap water, sterile water with syringe or place instrument in bowl with sterile water.

After instrument is removed from surgery area:

Rinse with tap water/distilled water/ de-ionized water.

Repeat process.

Immerse exposed diamond blade in ultrasonic cleaner. Cavitate for 10 seconds. Rinse thoroughly.

A steam cleaner may also be used. Hold extended blade in steam stream for 10 seconds.


  Sterilizing may be performed by steam autoclaving (not to exceed 275° F) or gas. A convenient sterilizing tray has been provided with your knife. Make sure the blade is retracted before placing it into the tray. Consult your institution's guidelines for sterilization parameters.

  Cleaning blocks and styrofoam "peanuts" should not be used, as these can damage the tip of your blade.


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