Craftsmanship, Commitment, Customer Service

Welcome to DSP. Craftsmanship has been a hallmark of our company since its inception. Founded by former OEM manufacturers to serve the direct needs of ophthalmic surgeons, we are the only retail company with in-house diamond cutters and instrument makers. Our diamond cutters have 60 years of experience in producing diamond blades for medical and scientific uses. Commitment to detail has resulted in a seven year quality rating of 99.9998% satisfaction. Our turn around time is unequaled. We routinely process repairs in 24 hours, what other companies call rush jobs. There is no additional charge for this service. All titanium instruments are re-anodized and in many cases are returned in better than new condition.

Commitment to customer service means no RMA numbers are required. A purchase order or letter on your letterhead is all that is required to start your repair. Why jump through unnecessary hoops just to get a repair done? Our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff is available to answer questions and give quotes quickly and efficiently. All shipping is done via FedEx unless otherwise requested.

Try DSP and we guarantee a pleasant, easy, cost effective, and quality experience.

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